Breeders’ Cup Member Election – 2024

The Breeders’ Cup has 39 Regular Members who are elected by our program nominators. This year nominators will be electing 19 Regular Members who will serve four-year terms. Program nominators to the Breeders’ Cup, have the right to participate in this two-part election process by first proposing one or more candidates to be placed on the Member election ballot. The number of votes is based upon 2023 nomination fees paid.

Program nominators may propose persons whose names are to be placed on the Member election ballot by submitting the name(s) of proposed candidate(s) and a statement that the nominator has

  1. 50 or more votes and will support the candidate(s) or
  2. a list of other program nominators that collectively have 50 or more votes and will support the proposed candidate(s). A Member Candidate Proposal form may be downloaded which may be completed for each proposed candidate.

If you, as a current nominator, have 50 or more votes, you need not identify other program nominators on the form.

This part of the election process will commence on Monday, April 29, 2024, and conclude on Monday, May 6, 2024.