North American Stallion Nomination Program

North American stallion nominations must be made annually by payment of a nomination fee equal to the advertised stud fee or a minimum $1,000 (US) nomination fee due December 15.

All stallions standing anywhere in North America may be nominated to the Breeders' Cup on an annual basis. The nomination fee is equal to the advertised stud fee but not less than $1,000 (US). Breedings that result in more than 50 Live Foals will result in additional fees.

Nominations must be made by December 15th prior to the covering season. A $100 initial payment must accompany the nomination form and Breeders' Cup will send quarterly invoices through the remainder of the breeding season. Special arrangements are available for stallions arriving at the farm after the December 15 deadline.

A Breeders' Cup stallion nominator will earn Nominator Awards when any of his progeny place first through fourth in any Breeders' Cup World Championships race, regardless of whether or not his foals were nominated to the program.

Runners sired by nominated stallions have had over $830 million in Breeders' Cup purses and awards to run for since 1984.

The foals that result from this nominated stallion are eligible for nomination to the Breeders' Cup by payment of a one-time nomination fee of $400 by October 15 of the year of birth or by payment of a late fee of $1,500 by February 28, 2023.

Only foals that are by fully nominated stallions are eligible to be nominated during their year of birth at the weanling nomination fee level, thus providing the stallion manager with an effective marketing and promotional tool. A stallion manager can expect to realize increased breeder support and enhanced profits through higher stud fees and nominator awards. Out of the 1,500 stallions standing in North America, only a select 500 are nominated to the Breeders' Cup each year.

If a foal is sired by a Breeders' Cup nominated stallion, but not nominated to the Breeders' Cup at any time, it may be nominated under the Horses of Racing Age program.