Eligibility & Fees

Pre-Entry opens October 1st
Breeders’ Cup Condition of Integrity

  1. If any connection of a pre-entered horse has been notified by a regulatory body, racetrack, or racing association (i) about a pending or potential anti-doping or medication control violation involving the connection, or (ii) that such connection is currently banned, ejected or denied from participating in racing in its jurisdiction or facility, such connection must immediately report the same to Breeders’ Cup.
  2. BCL may, in its sole and absolute discretion, declare ineligible any horse in any BCWC race if any connection (e.g., owner, trainer, jockey) of such horse has engaged in any conduct that is unlawful, unethical or may otherwise compromise the integrity or reputation of the BCWC.

Prohibited Substances and Methods and Penalties for Covered Persons

Breeders’ Cup is proud to support the national rules of the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Author­ity, Inc. (“HISA”) and its Anti-Doping and Medication Control (“ADMC”) Program, which prohibit the use of certain substances and methods and provide for uniform results management for alleged Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication rule violations. Responsible Persons are strictly liable for any Banned or Controlled Medication substances or methods in relation to his or her Covered Horse(s). For violations of the ADMC Program, sanctions include: disqualification; sus­pension; period of ineligibility, up to and including a lifetime ban; fines; and forfeiture of purses, prizes, trophies, points, rankings, and all other compensation. For repeat offenders or in cases where aggravating circumstances are present, Covered Persons may be subject to increased peri­ods of ineligibility and additional fines. Please review the ADMC Program rules carefully, available here: https://hisaus.org/regulations.

Breeders' Cup Out of Competition Testing

Breeders' Cup eligible or nominated horses are subject to out-of-competition testing. Sampling and/or testing may be performed by the Horseracing Integrity and Welfare Unit (“HIWU”) or by international regulatory authorities in cooperation with HIWU, or by any delegee of the foregoing. This testing will be in accordance with the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority, Inc.’s (“HISA”) rules. The Breeders' Cup OOC testing will be performed by The Kenneth L. Maddy Equine Analytical Chemistry Laboratory at UC Davis or such other laboratory or laboratories as HIWU may direct. All routine testing meets or exceeds the protocols established by HISA and/or HIWU and is required by Breeders’ Cup World Championships to ensure that the highest possible level of testing is performed on all samples and to preserve and protect the integrity and reputation of the Championships. HIWU or its designee conducts OOC testing in accordance with HISA rules, expressly incorporated herein as the same may be now or hereinafter in effect, including without limitation HISA Rules 3132 (Authority To Test), 3135 (Ownership of Samples), and 3137 (Purpose of Sample Analysis).


Horses that are nominated to Breeders' Cup and are eligible for Breeders' Cup Championship races must pay entry fees as indicated. Horses that were not nominated as weanlings may be late nominated. No horse can be pre-entered for more than two races. When a horse is pre-entered for two races, the required pre-entry payment must be for the race of greatest value, regardless of whether it is the race of first preference.

Horses that are nominated to Breeders' Cup

The pre-entry fee is due by 12 noon (local time at place of pre-entry) on Monday, October 21, 2024.

An entry fee is required to pass the box at the time of entry closing- 10:00 a.m. (PDT) on Monday, October 28, 2024 at the Breeders' Cup Racing Office-Del Mar.

All Championship starters will receive a travel award if based outside of California.

All runners are subject to the highest standards in medication testing and security while competing in the Breeders’ Cup World Championships which include the following:

All horses must be nominated to compete in the Breeders' Cup World Championships. Horses not Nominated to Breeders' Cup may be nominated under the Horses of Racing Age nomination program.

Horses of Racing Age Nominations

Refunds for Pre-Entry and Entry Fees

Pre-entry fees and entry fees for nominated horses are non-refundable except in the event of sickness or disability certified by the track or state veterinarian (or veterinary certification acceptable to Breeders' Cup Limited) or in the event a horse is prevented from starting by a decision of the Racing Directors/Secretaries Panel in order to limit the field of starters.