Breeders' Cup Nominations Programs
Breeders' Cup Limited has been Thoroughbred racing's most significant national and international program for 37 years. During this time, we have allocated purses and awards in excess of $760 Million to owners, foal nominators and stallion nominators through the programs of the Breeders' Cup including the $30 million Breeders' Cup World Championships.
Official Breeders' Cup Nominated Logo
The official Breeders' Cup Nominated Logo may be used in conjunction with the advertisement or promotion of any fully nominated Breeders' Cup Stallion, Foal or Horse of Racing Age. Click here to download.
Foal Nominations
Early Foal nominations must be made before August 1 by payment of a one-time nomination fee of $400 (U.S.). Any 2020 foal being entered in a fall or winter breeding stock sale must be nominated by this deadline for inclusion of the Breeders' Cup Nominated engagement on the catalog page.
Standard Foal nominations may be made in the foal's year of birth by a one-time payment of a $400 (US) nomination fee due October 15.
Late Foal nominations may be made in the foal's year of birth by a one-time payment of a $1,500 (US) nomination fee by
December 15.
All foals sired by a fully nominated Breeders' Cup stallion are eligible for nomination to the Breeders' Cup program in their year of birth according to the deadlines above.

A Breeders' Cup nominated foal is eligible to participate in all Breeders' Cup racing programs each year and the $30 million Breeders' Cup World Championships races for its entire racing career without any further nomination payments due.

Nominating your foal to the Breeders' Cup provides you with valuable opportunities that can last a lifetime. Whether you plan to race or sell, nominating to Breeders' Cup is the best statement you can make about the quality of your foal. It can mean greater earnings over his entire racing career as well as higher prices at sale.

A Breeders' Cup foal nominator will earn Nominator Awards through the racing programs of the Breeders’ Cup including the Breeders' Cup World Championships - no matter who owns him at that time. So your foal can still be earning awards for you even long after you've sold him.

A Breeders' Cup nominated foal averages six times the price of a non-nominated foal at public auction in North America. That's because your foal is worth more to customers in terms of quality and potential earnings each year. It's one of the reasons they'll want to do business with you again and again.

Foals can only be nominated at the foal nomination fees during their year of birth. If they are not nominated during their year of birth, they may be nominated at any time during their racing career by the payment of a racehorse nomination fee dependent on their sire's eligibility at the time of conception.

If a foal is sired by a Breeders' Cup stallion and is not nominated by December 15 of its year of birth it may be nominated under the Horses of Racing Age nomination program.

If a horse is sired by a stallion not nominated to any program and is not nominated at any time during its racing career, that horse may also be nominated as a racehorse.
Nominator Awards & Rewards Program
The Nominator Awards & Rewards program is one of the most significant features of the Breeders' Cup.
Foal or Horse Nominators are paid nominator awards through the racing programs of the Breeders’ Cup including the $30 Million Breeders' Cup World Championships, regardless of whether the nominator still owns the foal or horse.

The money spent to nominate to this multi-million dollar program not only gives you the Breeders' Cup Advantage, but also supports a world-wide incentive program that promotes the Thoroughbred industry, creates new fan interest, increases media coverage and provides leadership vital to the racing industry.
Here’s what you’ll get with your nomination:
  • Lifetime racing eligibility to the $30 Million Breeders’ Cup World Championship Event.
  • Lifetime racing eligibility to the Racing Programs of the Breeders' Cup.
  • Foal Nominator Award for every Breeders' Cup Win & You're In Challenge win.
  • Foal Nominator Awards on every Breeders’ Cup Championships race.
  • Increased sales value at public auction, Breeders’ Cup Nominated foals can bring up to 6 times more than non-nominated foals.
  • Special pre-sale window for World Championship tickets before the general public.
  • Ability to participate in the Breeders’ Cup Members election.
  • Monthly Newsletter.
  • Special offers from Breeders’ Cup Corporate Sponsors.
  • Discounts on Breeders’ Cup merchandise.
  • Access to the Breeders’ Cup photography archive.
  • Participation in the NTRA Advantage program for group discounts on supplies and materials.